Brazilian Butt Lift

The most common fat-transfer procedure we perform at Alouf Aesthetics is the Brazilian Butt Lift. The BBL creates that beautiful hourglass shape women want. It can correct saggy, too small or unshapely buttocks, create symmetry and improve overall body contour.

1. How does fat transfer work?

We use liposuction to remove fat tissue from a donor site — often your flanks (“love handles”) or abdomen. Then, we carefully reinject the collected fat into the area of the body where the patient desires more fullness or shape. The fat cells must then be accepted by the site where they are reinjected and develop a new blood supply.

2. What can I expect from the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

In general, patients enjoy a smaller waist, flatter stomach and more shapely butt! In terms of recovery, we recommend a minimum of two weeks’ bed rest and no sitting directly on the buttocks, so no work and no driving for two weeks. You may also experience some bruising and mild discomfort while recovering and should maintain a healthy diet with plenty of fluids. We’ll give you thorough post-procedure instructions.

3. What other areas can be enhanced with fat transfer?

Along with the buttocks, the face, backs of hands and breasts are also commonly treated and enhanced with fat transfer. The procedure can also enhance the appearance of injured tissue such as depressed scars and breast reconstruction after mastopexy.

4. Are the results from fat transfer permanent?

Many factors determine the volume of fat cells that can stay alive once reinjected into the new area. The healthier the patient, the more successful the results. Fat transfer is often not recommended for those individuals who are heavy smokers, heavy drinkers or who have uncontrolled diabetes or other illnesses which can affect the body’s ability to accept transferred fat.

Usually, we see the recipient area retain between 40% and 70% of the volume of fat transferred.  Also, different body types and shapes can also determine the amount of fat transferred at one time.  Therefore, we always inform patients that several (1-3) sessions may be required to achieve the volume or shape that is desired.  Patients need to wait at least 4-6 months after having a fat transfer before another session can occur.

In addition, if the patient engages in unhealthy behaviors after surgery, such as smoking, drinking heavily or eating carelessly, results will not last as long.

5. What are the complications associated with fat transfer?

As with any surgical procedure, there are possible risks and complications associated with fat transfer. Dr. Alouf and our team will discuss these with you during your consultation. We will also discuss your medical history, our pre- and post-operative instructions and any other concerns you have.

To find out if fat transfer or the Brazilian Butt Lift is right for you, call our office at 540-375-9070 to schedule a consultation.


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