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What is Dr. Greg’s “Happy Belly Button” technique?

Dr. Greg developed the happy belly button technique after years of seeing others perform tummy tucks. The belly button results did not give a natural, “untouched” look. In fact, many of these belly buttons were left with visible or wide scars.

One of the main reasons people want to have a tummy tuck is to be able to show off their stomach and abdomen. Many women never reveal their stomachs again after the effects of pregnancy on the abdomen. Dr. Greg was frustrated with surgical techniques that did not leave patients comfortable with showing off their abdomens and tummies.

After years of experience and doing more than 1,000 tummy tucks, Dr. Greg created a technique that purposefully places the surgical scar on the belly button in a location that cannot be seen.

Another important factor in the results of a tummy tuck is how the skin drapes over the fat layer underneath. Dr. Greg gives careful attention to this part of the surgery to mimic the natural fat distribution on the abdomen and specifically around the belly button. His mastery makes the entire abdomen and belly button look beautiful, like patients never even had surgery.

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