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What is a breast implant exchange?

A breast implant exchange is exactly what it sounds like! A patient is dissatisfied with their initial breast implants, and we remove them and replace them with new ones. Here are more pics from the case above:

Before and right after LIPO-360, tummy tuck, BBL, arm lipo, breast implant exchange

Why would you get a breast implant exchange?

  • You’ve changed your aesthetic sense in the time since you got your first implants and want to go up or down.
  • You want to switch from textured implants to smooth implants.
  • You want to swap saline for silicone or vice versa.
  • You’re ready for a refresh. Maybe your first implants were several years prior, and you’ve experienced some sagging because of age, pregnancy or weight changes.
  • It’s rare, but you could be having an issue with your implants such as capsular contracture. (In very few cases, the body reacts to the implant causing scar tissue to distort the shape of the implant.)

Do I need a breast implant exchange?

If you’re happy with your implants – the way they look and feel – and aren’t experiencing any complications, you’re all set. But if your implants are drooping or asymmetric, or if you’re experiencing discomfort or swelling, call our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Greg. He’ll help you determine whether an implant exchange will achieve your desired results or if another procedure or set of procedures would be a better fit.

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