Check out this scar tissue from a breast lift!

Even the thinnest incisions, like those used to perform a breast lift, will have visible scarring. Early in the healing process, the tissue has a red, raised appearance. Over time, the scar fades to pink then white. It also will flatten. But what scar tissue INSIDE the breast? Like the scars on the outside, internal…

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Q&A with Erin Alouf, Family Nurse Practitioner

Erin Alouf

It takes a lot of people to keep a busy cosmetic surgery practice running smoothly, and we’ve got a team like none other!  One of the most important Alouf Aesthetics team members gets little recognition, but without a doubt, would fall apart without her.  Erin Alouf is the vice president of Alouf Aesthetics. She holds a business…

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Happy National Doctors Day!

We just wanted to take a minute to throw out some love to Dr. Greg on National Doctors Day! Truth is, Dr. Greg is loved around the world! Check out this photo that was taken of him in Argentina. An artist drew this image of him while in surgery. Also in the photo with Dr.…

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What is a breast implant exchange?

A breast implant exchange is exactly what it sounds like! A patient is dissatisfied with their initial breast implants, and we remove them and replace them with new ones. Here are more pics from the case above: Why would you get a breast implant exchange? You’ve changed your aesthetic sense in the time since you…

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We’re so glad to be back in the office!

we're back

We’re back!!  After a six-week hiatus because of the COVID-19 outbreak, Dr. Greg and the team at Alouf Aesthetics are so happy to be back in the office. We’ve missed one another, our work, and especially our patients.  We’ve been tremendously busy since we reopened the doors May 4, but we love it! We’re working…

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