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Dr. Gregory Alouf lectures at international cosmetic surgery conference

Dr. Alouf traveled to Mexico in May to attend a conference on aesthetic medicine hosted at his alma mater, Instituto de Estudios Superiores en Medicina. Cosmetic surgeons from all over the world attend the annual conference. Dr. Alouf goes every year and uses it as a chance to teach, learn and connect with colleagues. He appreciates the fact that the conference also gives him an opportunity to support the school where he completed his master’s degree in cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Alouf lectured about abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”). In addition, he’s been asked to submit a lecture course that could become part of the master’s curriculum.

Dr. Alouf’s experience at the conference wasn’t limited to teaching. He also attended several learning sessions, including his favorite on fat transfer and increasing the survivability of fat cells during surgery.

Learning and keeping up with the latest techniques and technologies is an important part of any cosmetic surgeon’s job and keeps surgeons from becoming obsolete, Dr. Alouf said.

“Unless you keep yourself involved, you’re excluding yourself from the conversation. You have to stay in the conversation to stay current and relevant and deliver the optimum care to your patients,” Dr. Alouf said.

Here are some of Dr. Alouf’s snaps from the conference:

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