Dr. Gregory A. Alouf publishes article in cosmetic surgery text

dr. gregory a. alouf

Congratulations to Dr. Greg on the publication of his article on the arm lift (brachioplasty) in the latest edition of the Manual of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine. This textbook is the most comprehensive manual on body contouring surgeries in the field and sets the standard for doctors who practice aesthetic medicine.  Dr. Greg discussed the history…

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Use your spring to prep for a new you!

It’s finally spring, and people are full of ideas about how to improve their lives — new jobs, home projects and personal improvements. If your plans including learning more about the cosmetic surgery procedures that will help you meet your goals, schedule a consultation with Dr. Greg Alouf as soon as possible to learn more.…

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Happy National Doctors Day!

We just wanted to take a minute to throw out some love to Dr. Greg on National Doctors Day! Truth is, Dr. Greg is loved around the world! Check out this photo that was taken of him in Argentina. An artist drew this image of him while in surgery. Also in the photo with Dr.…

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Procedure spotlight: Brazilian Butt Lift

brazilian butt lift

In his Q&A, Dr. Gregory Alouf said fat is the thing he’s most excited about in the field of cosmetic surgery. Specifically, fat transfer. It’s just what it sounds like: We transfer a patient’s own fat tissue from one site to another to enhance the overall shape of the body. Because the Brazilian Butt Lift…

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4 tips to maintain your results after cosmetic surgery

how to maintain your results

Improving the appearance of facial or bodily features is the goal of any cosmetic surgery patient, no matter what procedure you choose. After the procedure, it is important to follow some guidelines in order to maintain and optimize your results. Aging, of course, continues, and sun damage and unhealthy habits can still have a negative…

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Cosmetic surgery vs. plastic surgery: Is there a difference?

cosmetic surgery vs. plastic surgery: is there a difference

There are many misconceptions about the differences between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, and Dr. Alouf talks about some of those in our Q&A with Dr. Gregory Alouf. We wanted to clarify and expand on these differences in easy-to-understand language. 1. Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, simply defined Cosmetic surgery enhances or restores the appearance…

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Q&A with Dr. Gregory Alouf of Alouf Aesthetics

How did you end up going into medicine? I always liked science and figuring out how things work. I never minded going to the doctor as a kid. In fact, I was fascinated by what they did. Then, my mom got really sick when I was 12 years old, and I felt so helpless not…

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