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Are fall and winter good times for cosmetic surgery? 

Dr. Alouf will tell you that the very best time to have your cosmetic surgical procedure is when you’ve gotten all your questions answered and you feel ready. 

But if you’re thinking about trying to schedule a surgery for the fall or winter months, here are some advantages: 

You’ll Avoid the Heat

Heat has the potential to negatively affect your recovery after surgery because the blood vessels are more dilated. This can increase swelling and inflammation for some patients. Higher temperatures might also make compression garments less comfortable. 

Easier to Protect Incisions

Scars from your surgery will be darkest and most noticeable as they first start to heal. It may take several months for them to fade and become smooth. Exposing your surgical incisions to the sun may slow healing and cause further discoloration. Dr. Alouf will explain where your incisions will be and talk about healing during your consultation.

More Options for Camouflage

Frankly, bulky, long-sleeved fall and winter clothing covers post-surgery swelling, sutures, redness or bruising more easily. 


For some patients, the fall or winter months can be a better time to take time off work. It’s also not as difficult to stay indoors and rest while you recover. 

Summertime Fun! 

When it’s time for outdoor weddings, family reunions and beach trips, you’ll have the chance to show off your results! And if you’re more active in the summer, you’ll appreciate being well past your most critical healing time. 

Are you ready?

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