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6 myths about tummy tucks

There’s a lot of bad information out there about cosmetic surgical techniques, so we wanted to debunk a few myths about the tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty.

Tummy Tucks are a weight-loss procedure.

A tummy tuck corrects a sagging or loose abdomen. Even patients of normal weight and body proportions can develop a protruding abdomen because of aging, pregnancy, other surgeries or significant fluctuations in weight.

A tummy tuck is not a substitute for weight loss. In fact, Dr. Greg typically advises pre-surgery patients who are overweight to start or continue a weight-loss plan so that they can get the very best results possible from the procedure.

The reality is that it is impossible to diet or exercise your way to a taut, toned abdomen once the area has begun to lose its elasticity.

Belly buttons always look fake after a tummy tuck.

It’s true – some folks wind up with a wonky belly button after a tummy tuck.

That’s why Dr. Greg developed his Happy Belly Button technique. Over years of surgeries, he has refined the technique so that belly buttons look natural, and patients are thrilled to show off their new bodies!

You can get tummy tuck results with diet and exercise.

Diet and exercise WILL help you lose weight, but it will not get you tummy tuck results. A tummy tuck addresses skin that is sagging or loose as a result of pregnancy, age, or fluctuations in weight. During a tummy tuck, excess skin will be removed (often along with other techniques) to give the patient a flat abdomen.

Tummy tucks are only for women.

That’s just crazy talk. Men can develop the same loose, saggy skin that women might as a result of age, genetics or fluctuation in weight. Tummy tucks performed by an experienced surgeon will create the tight, toned abdomen anyone would love to have.

Tummy tucks are for lazy people.

Again, tummy tucks are NOT a substitute for weight loss. In fact, many of Dr. Greg’s tummy tuck patients have worked very hard BEFORE surgery to lose a significant amount of weight through diet and exercise.

In addition, the results of a tummy tuck will be undone if a patient gains a significant amount of weight after surgery, so diet and exercise become a lifelong journey.

You’re too old for a tummy tuck.

No way. You’re never too old to explore cosmetic surgery options. If you’re otherwise healthy enough for surgery, we would love to work with you!

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