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how to maintain your results

4 tips to maintain your results after cosmetic surgery

Improving the appearance of facial or bodily features is the goal of any cosmetic surgery patient, no matter what procedure you choose. After the procedure, it is important to follow some guidelines in order to maintain and optimize your results. Aging, of course, continues, and sun damage and unhealthy habits can still have a negative effect on appearance, but proper self-care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help keep you looking your personal best for years to come.

1. Follow our aftercare instructions.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but limitations on lifestyle after surgery are easy to ignore. For example, you might feel great and think heading back to your workout routine in one week rather than three, as instructed, will be fine, or you might think you don’t need sunscreen because you will only be outside for an hour.

The restrictions given to patients following any procedure should be observed to achieve the best outcome. Make sure you very clearly understand the aftercare instructions before heading home, and ask for clarification if you are unsure. You should not make any substitutions or modifications to the aftercare prescribed without discussing it with Dr. Alouf or a member of the care team. Not only could you reverse some of the enhancements you desired, but you could cause more or further damage.

2.  Follow a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Cosmetic surgery can provide some astounding results. However, without a healthy diet, investment of time, and the desire to maintain your results, these same results can be lessened or in some cases undone. Particularly in the case of skin-tightening procedures, such as tummy tucks, weight gain following the procedure can re-stretch the skin you had corrected.

You are making an investment in your appearance, why not put in the effort to maintain the results? As a bonus, you will look AND feel better. A healthy, balanced diet, proper hydration, and regular exercise can improve your overall physical and mental health and help you retain the your beautiful enhancements. (As with any diet and exercise plan, please discuss proper practices with your physician.)

3. Take care of your skin.

Immediately following your surgery or aesthetic procedure, it is pertinent to follow instructions on skin care, wound, and scar care, but the importance of proper skin care should be a daily habit that continues long past your aftercare.

Protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays with light clothing and a sunscreen with a minimum of 30 SPF are just the basics when it comes to fighting aging and sun damage. Talk with our aesthetician about your skin care routine, and ask how it could be improved. 

4. Limit alcohol consumption. 

Alcohol is a controllable factor in the aging process. For all adults and for cosmetic surgery patients who are enjoying the results of their enhanced appearance, in particular, the importance of limiting alcohol consumption is paramount. For those who partake, moderation is key as well as understanding serving size and accurately controlling the amount of consumption.

Sure, your glass of red wine every evening won’t hurt — and maybe will even help — but the negative effects far outweigh the positive when it comes to overindulgence in alcohol, especially where aging in concerned. Remember, alcohol dehydrates you, which is exactly what we want to prevent in aging skin. [See more ways alcohol affects aging.] Bottom line, keep an open and honest flow of communication with us and with all your health care providers to make your best health choices.

Maintaining the results of your cosmetic surgery or non-surgical enhancements start with your consultation appointment. Call 540-375-9070 to schedule. When you meet with Dr. Alouf, he will talk through the pre-op, procedure, post-op and maintenance phases thoroughly. Together, we’ll make your results to be the best they can be.